About Us



word from the President 

Simon Cheong  


In the 80s, I remember many people asking me about forming a Guitar Society, and my answer to them was … difficult! People I came into contact with were asking the question: How come there is a Guitar Society in Singapore but not in Malaysia?
Well, I did take the initiative and some time in 1991, I gathered a group of about 20 enthusiasts and together, we submitted an application to form Persatuan Gitar Klasik Malaysia . Unfortunately, after a wait of more than a year, we received a letter (PPM 1529/91 [6]) dated 11 September 1992 from the Registrar of Societies, stating that our registration was rejected.
With hindsight, I can say that forming a society is no easy task if one does not have the experience or the know-how. To name a society that carries the word ‘Malaysia' is only possible if there are representatives from at least 7 states. Finally we were advised to register the society locally, i.e. in the Federal Territory and Selangor. Yoong Swee Yin, our pro-tem secretary then, made countless trips to the Registrar and even had reasons given to him such as …'All societies have to be screened properly for fear of infiltrations by spies'!
Nevertheless we managed finally to register the society on 17 February 1993.


On another note


Hopefully the many problems that a guitar society faces especially financial, politicking, personal interests, cronyism etc. will be overcome by our genuine enthusiasm and love for the guitar and its music.
Throughout our country, there should be selfless people who would serve above their personal interests to form guitar societies within their states. In time to come, these societies will come together to form a federation that will truly be representing Malaysia and Malaysians.