15th Guitar Camp 2013 CGS IGF&Camp
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15th Guitar Camp 2013 CGS IGF&Camp

'15th Guitar Camp'

6-8 December


Work in progress ...

Photos uploaded

Day 1 - work in progress - completed!

Day 2 - work in progress - completed!

Day 3 - work in progress -





15th Guitar Camp 2013 CGS IGF&Camp

'15th Guitar Camp'

6-8 December


Documenting the camp in Photos


Lee Ji Xuan / Simon Cheong

Part 3

Day 1  December 6, 2013



Well, after the concerts in Kuala Lumpur, we move on to our annual camp that has been organised for the 15th time this year. Here are some photos:-

Ah! We have reached Shahzan’s Inn ...the participants alighting from the bus.

The bus is not able to drop the participants at the hotels door step as in one year, the bus hit the cement awning.  So , here are the participants walking up to the hotel. Obviously, the committee (Very experienced committee members as both Ong Peng Yang and Lee Ji Xuan have been doing this all the time – we should acknowledge the great work done here by these two!) who is in charge of the bus, takes care of the participants and not forgetting our photographer, See Sew Hong, who has taken these shots!


The registration desk with Leong Yee Hoo and Ernest Thomas . You will see that Yang Li has also handed a bottle of drink to the participant, glad to say that this door gift is with courtesy from Fraser & Neave.



After everyone has registered and received their groupings, room keys, programme booklets, T-Shirts and Fraser & Neaves door gift, it was time for the President of Classical Guitar Society, Mr. Simon Cheong to make his address.

As usual, Simon welcomed all the participants and guests and then proceeded to speak on all the do’s and don’ts .

After introducing our guest artistes to the participants, Simon called on our guest artistes to give a word or two to the participants.


Simon addressing the participants.


Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu, our guest from Turkey


Our guest from Holland, Bobby Rootveld speaking on behalf of Duo NIHZ with Sanna van Elst looking on.


Our artiste-in-residence, Pavel Steidl from Czech Republic


After the welcome speech,  the participants quickly put their belongings  into their room allocated and arranged by Ernest Thomas, after which they very quickly went for lunch.

Then came  the exciting moment... the game session a.k.a getting-to-know-you. It was organised by Mrs Evelyn Cheong the games master with the help of Low Yang Li. During this session everyone including the artiste-in-residence had great fun together. Here are some funny and exciting moments …



Well, having fun but with a competitive spirit shows how our artiste-in-residence and guests create the genial and exciting atmosphere that will mark the rest of the camp! Yes, we even having prizes for the winners! Well, everybody gets something...



Immediately after, are the masterclasses by our artiste-in-residence . It was separated into two groups. One was handle by Pavel Steidl and the other one was handled by Bobby Rootveld and Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu sharing out the duties. Here are some of the masterclass photos.

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