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Next, we have the workshops handled by the tutors.  The beginner class was conducted by Chuah Yeong Chin, Lee Ji Xuan and Ong Peng Yang. The intermediate class was conducted by Ernest Thomas, Leong Yee Hoo and Jovy Fong whilst the advance class was conducted by Simon Cheong.

Quite often, students will ask – what is the difference between a workshop and a masterclass?

Well, as found in Collins English dictionary to the meaning of masterclass – ‘a session of tuition by an expert, especially a musician, for exceptional students, usually given in public or on television’.

It will be explained as – it is a one off class given by a visiting performer who is supposed to be an expert in his/her particular instrument in front of a participating or non-participating audience. This master will give performance and interpretational tips to the student in question.

In Webster’s College Dictionary, a workshop is ‘a seminar or small group that meets to explore some subject, develop a skill or technique, carry out a creative project, etc.’ or  in Collins English dictionary ‘a group of people engaged in study or work on a creative project or subject a music workshop’

This will be explained as - one could work on any one or more particular aspect of music that needs clarification or detailed analysis if need be. It could even work like a masterclass. Any topic that needs exploring could be a part of the workshop or any thing the tutor feels should be worked on.

A word of advice to participants of these masterclasses or workshops - Be Prepared! In order to take full advantage of these masterclasses or workshops, do not turn up with nothing prepared - forgetting to bring the music score, not having practised the piece and have no questions about all the problems one is having!

In the Beginners and Intermediate Classes, the tutors work on basic theory, covering reading notes, time signatures etc. In Simon's workshop, Simon prefers to leave an open discussion on whatever topics the participants might want to discuss about. In an advanced class situation, participants should be having concepts and ideas that needs to be confirmed or worked out and in such a situation, a collection of minds to draw out fresh perspectives and to bring out the pros and cons, disagreements etc is ideal. The exchange of ideas is something which is not possible if one is on their own.


Beginner's workshop.
Intermediate workshop.
The advanced workshop.


Once again, after the workshops, the participants gathered into their respective groups to practice the ensemble pieces which they will have to perform on Sunday. Every participant at this camp will have had at least one performance experience. The other performance experiences are those who played in the Participants Concert as well as playing in the masterclasses or workshops.



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