14th Guitar Camp 2012 CGS IGF&Camp - Day 2
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 11:44


DAY 2  December 8, 2012

Wakey… awake to everyone… time for breakfast and then get ready for the masterclass with Johannes Moller.


This time slot was in previous years used as ‘guitarobics’ or exercise time but this year it was given out, specially for Johannes. Well, Johannes could not be a part of the complete activities at the camp as he had to leave immediately after lunch for the airport. He will be playing a concert in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Sunday. Just for information, the organizer in Dhaka, Iftekhar Anwar, I was told is a mutual friend of our President, Simon Cheong and is also the reason for Johannes to contact Simon.


This masterclass involved all the participants. A word on our arrangements for these masterclasses - the most important point we keep in mind is to make sure that every participant will have experienced all our guests conducting the masterclasses either as an audience or as a student on stage.

Our Camp 2011 attracted 35 Singaporeans, this Camp 2012, brought Gino Misa (Gonzalo Noel Villanueva Misa), a masters degree university student on the classical guitar from Philippines (last two photos below). He came because of both Carlos and Johannes. That is how awe inspiring they were...

Gino wasn't the only one but our East Malaysians came too because, as one of them said ' I grew up listening and reading about Carlos and now I actually get to listen to him live and meet him in person! Wow!'

Even our Vietnamese guests were exhilarated.

As I have said before, well the participants don't only get to hear our artistes live but actually be friends with them. They will eat and drink together plus of course, not forgetting the photos taken for remembrance!



Since the Mollers were leaving early, the presentation for thanking our guests had to be done after the masterclass for them. Here is Simon presenting a pennant for remembrance.



Here comes the moment when everyone is gathered together for a group photo. A must as memories it contains and history is made.


The official camp photo.


Committee members and guests.


The fun photo.


Notice that guy who has his hands up waving, well, I remember that pose in last year's photo too. It's the same fella!

Our timetable now, after a nice stroll out and sitting in the warm sun for our picture to be taken, offers the second part of the masterclass session that has to be exchanged.  The two groups were organized as beginner/lower intermediate group as one and higher intermediate/advance group as the other.




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