14th Guitar Camp 2012 CGS IGF&Camp
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CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012

'14th Guitar Camp'

7-9 December


Work in progress ...

Photos uploaded

Day 1 - work in progress - completed!

Day 2 - work in progress - completed!

Day 3 - work in progress - completed finally! Whew! Laughing





CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012

'14th Guitar Camp'

7-9 December


Documenting the camp in Photos


Lee Ji Xuan / Simon Cheong


Day 1  December 7, 2012

Once again, the annual camp in its 14th edition and being part and parcel of CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012 was not just successfully held in our usual location, which is Shahzan’s Inn in Fraser’s Hill but...was just the best ever camp!!! There are many reasons for this claim and it is the participants themselves who will attest to it! As the organisers, we are ecstatic!

Here are some of the pictures showing the arrival of the participants and our registration process. At the registration desk the participants were given their name tags (hmmm...very important for the lucky draw on the last day!), official camp T-shirt (to be worn on Saturday for the most important activity – our group photo! What a great memory to have), and this year, with compliments from Fraser & Neave, a can of drink each. Oh, room keys too.


Arrival at the camp.



The registration desk. The participants receiving their room keys, T-shirts, camp programme, name tags and their door gift - a can of Fraser & Neave.


With the registration settled, next on the agenda was the welcoming speech. The Society’s President as well as the Festival’s Director, Mr. Simon Cheong started with the introduction of our guests.

For the first time in the history of the camp, we were having guests from four different countries.  They are Huy Thanh Nguyen and Phuong Hoai Tran (Vietnam), Padet Netpakdee(Thailand), Johannes and Mat Moller (Sweden) and our special guest of honour to be the Artist-in-Residence, Mr. Carlos Bonell (England).

Here are photos of each guest being invited to say a few words to the participants.


Briefing & Welcome Speech.


Simon making his speech and then started the guest introduction with our Vietnamese friends with Huy speaking on behalf of the two of them followed by Padet from Thailand.


Matts Moller, a flautist, is the very first non-guitarist guest in the camp. Johannes Moller and finally, our Artiste-in-Residence, Carlos Bonell.



In the briefing, Simon informed the participants of the proceedings as well as the ‘what can or can’t be done’ rules & regulations of the camp.


Well, everyone was hungry after the journey up to Fraser’s Hill from their pick-up point in Selayang and Petaling Jaya. So, it was lunch time. Yummy!


After lunch, came the fun.  The ice breaking was Mrs Evelyn Cheong’s baby with her two trusty sidekicks – Low Yang Li and Jesslyn Chan. Well, all the committee members were roped in to help out as well....


Here are the committee members getting the games organised. Everyone in their respective groups. Game in progress - here is Matts squirming himself out of a sticky situation. Huy in the thick of things!


Below are pictures of prize giving presented by the Society's Vice-President Mr. Leong Yee Hoo. Everyone gets something, but the third, second and first prize winners get something better. The third prize had their group leader Miss Wong Siow Yin coming up to receive their prize. The father and son came on up each respectively to take their second and first prizes. Look at Johannes 'crowing away' with his win! and after that sharing out the spoils with his group members.



All our guests were great and were sportingly having fun with the participants old and young alike. A rapport creating friendships and stripping out the ice... An organiser’s greatest fear is to have a bad reaction from the guests in these games but luckily, we have not had such personalities! In fact, I get surprised at how the elderly gentlemen like John Duarte heading the list, Matts Moller and Carlos Bonell gracefully takes part in the fun and joy with the young ones...GREAT!


Fun time is over and we are down to having fun with learning. Master classes are separated into two groups – one handled by Carlos Bonell and the other had Padet Netpakdee, Phuong Hoai Tran and Huy Thanh Nguyen sharing out the duties.



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