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CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012


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Part 2 are masterclasses on both Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m till 6 p.m. and since it is not a public affair I will not post any photos nor make any comments.



CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012

An account by Simon Cheong

Part 2



KL  Guitar Ensemble II (Malaysia), Padet Netpakdee (Thailand), Simon Cheong (Malaysia) and Johannes Moller (Sweden)

Dec 5, 2012  8.30 p.m.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium, Malaysia Tourism Centre,Jalan  Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


This concert is the third part of the festival and it is named Mahogany. As with last year’s concert entitled ‘Sonata’, this year’s concert entitled ‘Mahogany’ is a tribute to our sponsors who has continuously supported us.

Here are some photos of the concert –


Kuala Lumpur Guitar Ensemble II starts the nights proceedings.


This is the fourth year in our collaboration with Thailand and this year we have Padet Netpakdee.



Our Mc for the night, Ms Oi Suan Gaik.



After the interval, it was my turn...



On Sunday we had a famous personality in Carlos Bonell, and tonight we will have another ‘sought after’ guitarist, a 2010 GFA competition winner – Johannes Moller! Here are a series of some photos showing Johannes in his expressive moods!






Carlos Bonell was invited to present to the Kuala Lumpur Guitar Ensemble II their bouquets.



Mr Daniel Chan the owner of Mahogany in SS2 PJ whose shops' name was borrowed as a tribute to our sponsors, was invited up on stage to present a bouquet to Padet Netpakdee. Here are two shots from two different cameras –



Carlos was again invited to present to Simon Cheong a bouquet for his solo performance and lastly, Mr. Daniel Chan to Johannes Moller.



Finally all the performers with our VIP’s (once again two shots from two different cameras)-



Autograph time... Johannes CDs and books sold like hot cakes and here he is signing his name onto them.



Well, Carlos was not spared as his CDs were sold like hot cakes too and although he did not perform he too was sought after for his autograph...



Here are some other shots –


Children from Yayasan Sunbeam Home


The Society does its part for the less fortunate and is very happy to play a part in giving these children an opportunity to experience and be exposed to a professional concert. This is music education for these children – the appreciation of the fine arts being an integral part of a holistic education.


Our spread for our guests. Yum..mmmy!


Backstage – is Ji Xuan relishing in his role.


We arrived at the hall around 4.00 p.m. to make sure that everything is set up and have the sound check.




As Sew Hong slips on his shoe and Ernest buttons up, Simon panics and is practising hard. Well, it really is tough to be an organiser and a performer too. The last time KLGE II had a practice was on a Monday before Carlos’s performance on Sunday. And, we were too busy to get together even until our performance day! I definitely did not get a chance to even get to my guitar once my guests arrive. I had to make sure that everything was run smoothly without a hitch. Worrying about this and that sure affects one’s concentration, hence even if I managed any little amount of time on the guitar, it would have been of little use! But, the show must go on and I am all ready to make a fool of myself if I had too and I will chalk it all up to gaining experience. And, experience I have gained.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for the festival and I will take Carlos, Johannes, Matt and Padet down to Malacca for a day trip.

In Malacca - Jonker's Street, in front of the Dutch buildings, St. Paul's Hill and Johannes with his new found friend!


On to the last and most exciting part of the festival - our annual 3 days/2 nights camp in Fraser's Hill. The 14th time we have organised this and is going to be the best ever. We will have our Vietnamese counterparts joining us for the camp this year and with Padet Netpakdee of Thailand, Johannes & Matts Moller of Sweden and of course, Carlos Bonell of Uk!

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