6th Guitar Alive 2011
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Friday, 25 November 2011 11:49

Guitar Alive 2011


Chuah Yeong Chin


Before the concert...

Final stint before the performance Somebody help PLEASE...! my mummy is not here... I'm gonna nail this on stage... At least the view is good from here!?


Preaching...? Staring...? and...Scratching!!! Should we hit it with a baseball bat or what? No...no...easy... Argh...! Come on...We can't wait for our turn... Concentrating hard to execute the super fast passage.


Let's see who can bow lower. Hey! We found something funny here... Playing in a big group isn't easy, we can assure you. We're cool in sports shoes, aren't we?









Guitar Alive 2011 Group Photo

Someone...give us a head count...PLEASE!


The concert starts...

Managed to steal a look at the camera while playing. Light brown is short, brown shorter and orange...shortest! Hey! aren't we too close...You're up my personal space!


The audience really looks funny, ain't it so?

1 2 3 4...that's a quartet.


Don't look down on me, give me three more years...



We are the biggest group this year. Let me present to you my fellow guitarists... Ten minus one. You get the equation. Now we have the perfect 10!?


We are definitely proud to be here. Hehe! What's next? See ya again next year.


We have had an awesome experience...agree? Farewell...until next year. Armoured agents in black - ready for action!

Until we meet again in Guitar Alive 2012.

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