A New Design for our Website
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010 16:10

A New Design for our Website

Dear visitors to www.cgs.net.my,

Hi, it has been quite  a while now since you last heard any news from these pages... reason...I have 4 computers in my home, guess what? Well, every one of them broke down on me one after another. 


The 3 main ones that contained all the important stuff were lost and I had a hard time trying to recover them. On top of this is my lack of understanding on how to work this new website! This new website was originally proposed by Felix Tan as I had announced in the old website. He did a prototype for me but I found it rather daunting at that time. So, I managed to get 2008's Society's assistant secretary to do up this website. He spent a lot of time on it learning to build a website...wahlah...and here it is. Now I have to learn to use it...argh!!!

My apologies to those who has been waiting for the Putera photos and the unedited Camp 2009 article. I will correct as quickly as possible especially once I can learn to put up the pages properly.

I would like to announce that we are an affiliate of Virtual Sheet music and those of you who need to download music from this website may click on the link provided in our links pages.

Every year the Society will organise a concert before the camp. Since our artiste-in-residence has been invited to the camp where the artiste-in-residence will give a concert, only our campers will have the benefit to hear this concert. So, in order for those who are unable to attend the camp, we decided to organise a concert in Kuala Lumpur as well. As I had always said, the Society's activities amounted to a festival of sorts but was never named as such. This year 2010, these activities will be brought together and be renamed 'CGS International Guitar Festival and Camp 2010' with the concert in Kuala Lumpur being a 'Tribute to our Sponsors' thanking them for all their support.

Hope the new web pages would delight you and provide you a smoother and more organised web surfing.

Simon Cheong